Professional Grade Cuticle Nipper/Cutter/Clip...

  • 100% stainless steel assures a long lasting cutting edge and can be sterilized without rusting
  • Constructed in a fashion that allow smooth, comfortable use with rounded handles for greater accuracy, comfort and smoother mechanism
  • Easily clip away overgrown cuticles without pain or hassle and gives a clean cut every time
  • Large precision-crafted blades trim excess cuticles and hangnails safely
  • Full jaw helps cut the cuticles in a more precise and even manner

100% Customer Satisfaction: In case of any product glitch or discrepancy, you are covered by our full, no-questions-asked 30-days Money-Back Guarantee.

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Top Rated Cuticle Cutter Nipper Trimmer! Need to keep your hands looking tidy or maintain your manicure. If so, cuticle maintenance is a must. These perfectly aligned clippers cut hangnails or overgrown cuticles cleanly and painlessly. Rounded handles allow smooth, comfortable grip and easy cutting action. Sharp jaw clipper head makes a clean snip every time, without pulling or tugging. 100% Stainless Steel material is rust and tarnish-resistant, as well as easy to sterilize. Keep this tool in your bathroom, travel kit, or purse for quick touch-ups and manicure maintenance.

Smooth Mechanism

Sharp jaw head construction for a quick, painless snip of hangnails and cuticles

100% Stainless Steel Quality

Comfortable grip handles

UPC: 754207397707