Professional Barber Razor Edge Hair Cutting S...

  • Premium quality japanese stainless steel for a razor sharp hair cutting experience
  • Ergonomically designed handle allows for smooth and stress free cutting experience for the customer and the professionals
  • Razor sharp blades that are sharpened to reduce any tuggling or pulling of hairs
  • Adjustable tensions screw that allows you to fine tune the tension as per your desire and requirement
  • Accompanied with a leather case for easy carrying; also included are finger and thumb inserts to fit hands for a comforable grip while you cut

100% Customer Satisfaction: In case of any product glitch or discrepancy, you are covered by our full, no-questions-asked 30-days Money-Back Guarantee.

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Made with premium quality Japanese Stainless Steel, the hair scissors/shears are perfect for a professional hair cut.The scissors are made with precise blades sharp cutting edges to help you evenly trim any type of hair with ease and comfort.The professional barber shears/scissors' ergonomic design allows anyone to use them with comfort and ease. It is perfect for both pro-barbers, personal use and even for an amateur. The grip is easy to hold and comes with thumb and finger removable inserts that make it suitable for holding. The sleek stainless steel texture allows for easy cutting on hairs of all genders and ages. The Professional Hair Shears/Scissors are safe for use on men, women, elders, teens, babies, and children. With a sleek stainless steel texture, our scissor reduces messy hair clutters as no hair gets caught in between its blades, unlike other hair cutting scissors on the market. The Professional Hair Scissors/Shears weigh only 4.8 ounces, making it convenient for anyone to handle the scissors with ease. The scissors come with a stylish adjustment screw to allow you to adjust the tension according to your desire. The make of the scissor ensures that there are less clutters of hairs and no hairs are caught in between the blade, giving your customers a pain less hair cutting experience. Store it in a black zippered case and keep it safe from your little ones.

UPC: 754207397622