Double Edge Safety Razor with 20 Derby Blades...

  • The chrome-plated finishing prevents against rust, tarnish and breakage
  • Sterling quality strikes the perfect balance between close and comfortable shave
  • Long handled razor comes with twenty derby blades
  • No more nicks and cuts; enjoy injury free shaving with this three-piece safety razor
  • Simple quick and safe blade replacement

100% Customer Satisfaction: In case of any product glitch or discrepancy, you are covered by our full, no-questions-asked 30-days Money-Back Guarantee.

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Experience the Most Classic Shave with Our Double Edge Safety Razor! Solid, vigorous and utterly manly, the Double Edge Safety Razor by Utopia Care is the ultimate razor for that perfect morning shave. Shave through stubble like never before with this robust, classic and precision-engineered piece of genius. The Utopia Care Heavy Chrome Plated Razor is specifically designed to give ultimate quality shave each time at every stroke. They are a must-have for professional barbers, and delivers sleek effortless results. 20 Derby Blades will help last through many shaves. Ideal for the barbershop or home bathroom, these blades are manufactured with high-quality Stainless Steel for durability and longevity.

100% Brass with Chrome plating rust-resistant & durable

Include 20 Derby blades

Perfect for a safe, close shave every time

How To Change Blades
To change blades hold the cutting head by the sides with one hand while unscrewing it from the handle. Once the handle has been removed, lift the bottom plate by pinching the corners to avoid the edges of the blade. Tilt your fingers allowing the used blade to fall out and drop a new blade onto the top of the cutting head. Place the new blade and tighten the handle to securely assemble the razor again.

UPC: 817706023581