Exercise Foam Roller (12 Inch) for Muscle The...

  • High-thickness foam roller with shaped edges
  • Perfect for adjust, fortifying, adaptability, and rehab works out
  • Produced using formed polypropylene to look after solidness; Keeps up shape after moderate to heavy use and is ideal for all body sorts
  • Lightweight, simple to clean and transport
  • With regular use, can result in improved blood circulation and strength

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Designed for moderate to heavy clients, Utopia Fitness Exercise Foam Roller gives the advantages of conventional rollers without breaking down. This firm resistance Exercise Foam Roller with molded foam technology is firm in thickness, has a smooth surface, and won't lose its shape after direct to heavy use. Regularly utilized for stretching, workout, back agony help and trigger point treatment, fitness, and rehab experts will love the toughness and lasting power of this roller for exercise and treatment.

Get the best from the Utopia Fitness Exercise Foam Roller

  • Believe it or not, the Utopia Fitness Exercise Foam Roller can benefit anybody due to its flexibility.
  • Ideal for self-myofascial release (SMR)
  • Release all the muscle’s tightness or trigger points
  • Calm your tight and exhausted muscles
  • Perfect for Dynamic warm-up and stretching
  • Complete body workout, non-intrusive treatment
  • Settle core muscles, avoid harm, rehab and enhance balance, adaptability, and scope of movement

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