Exercise Foam Roller (18 Inch) for Muscle The...

  • Great for physical therapy, this high density foam roller can be used before/after exercise, yoga and physical or massage therapy
  • The 18 inches roller comes with a smooth surface which automatically repels liquid including sweat, oil and cream
  • Great for back pains and back exercises and also for stamina, balance and core stabilization
  • Perfect for muscle re-education, balance, spinal stabilization and many other strengthening activities
  • With regular use, can result in improved blood circulation and strength

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Relieve your Muscles

This exercise roller stick is used by many athletes and runners in order to stretch and compress their muscles which results in treatment for pains involving different muscles and trigger points. The roller stick is also used for preventing muscle injuries too. It is highly durable and can be used to massage your entire body whether it's your back, legs, arms and so on.


The exercise foam roller can be used before and after exercising in order to prevent muscle soreness and injuries. It is also used to correct muscle imbalances. At the same time, it also leads to improved tissue recovery and decreases the overall effect of stress on a body's movement system.

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