Smart Heart Rate Monitor Watch - Sports Fitne...

  • Exercise watch having a soft silicone band with adjustable strap for a comfortable fit during workout and other activities
  • Chronograph (stopwatch) with split lap time for recording exercise times
  • Built-in pulse sensor on its face that helps in pulse reading from the index finger
  • Exercise intensity input function helps in analyzing calories burned
  • Display features current time and calendar followed by an alarm and hourly chime function

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Utopia Smart Heart Rate Watch

This Utopia heart rate watch is powerfully equipped to provide a healthier living in a smart manner. Its soft silicone band with adjustable strap provides great comfort by perfectly fitting so that you can work out and perform other activities with ease.


Simply put on the watch and enjoy the offerings. The built-in pulse sensor on the face of the watch helps in pulse reading from the index finger so that you are always on track of the count. The calories burned are also calculated, giving you an accurate value so that you can work accordingly. It also integrates your heart and basal metabolic rate into the calorie calculation. The length of your stride based on the speed of your pace is also determined by this product use. The concept of free living is introduced using this exercise watch as it automatically monitors your daily activities to keep you fit at all times.

Great Benefits

  • Lose weight, remain fit at all times
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Improved cardiac health

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