Ankle Support - Large - Ankle Compression Sle...

  • Helps in reduction of swelling, inflammation, stiffness and soreness; It also provides heating effect for muscular recovery
  • Great for your ankles, especially in sports that involve a great amount of stress on your ankles like basketball, soccer, cycling etc.
  • It is even great for pain relief and for aid in recovery of Achilles tendon heel, heel spurs and other such related problems
  • It uses silicone with anti-slipping properties which is great for offering stable compression especially during weightlifting, squats etc.
  • Available in 2 sizes: Small and Large

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Main Features

- In order to improve muscular endurance, it offers optimal compression which also helps in promoting faster muscular recovery and also helps in protecting the ankles

- Can help in relieving and supporting in curing minor ankle related diseases including tendonitis, arthritis, however it should be noted that this is not a medical device and has no curing or healing effects

- It features a double silicone ant-slip wave which provides excellent grip so that you do not have to worry about readjusting your knee support during working out

- The band itself weighs really less and is made from lightweight materials as well like nylon and lycra blend. It is made to offer comfort and flexibility for all day long.

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