Spiky Massage Balls - Pack of 2 (7cm and 9cm)...

  • The spiky massage ball is a simple and easy to use tool; it can release the muscle tension and help in promoting the blood circulation in the body; besides, it can effectively release the paralysis and fatigue feeling by massaging acupuncture points
  • Excellent for myofascial release, a soft tissue therapy for the treatment of skeletal muscle immobility and pain; this alternative medicine therapy aims to relax contracted muscles, improve blood and lymphatic circulation, and stimulate the stretch reflex in muscles
  • Provides immediate relief and reduce soreness in muscular aches and pains including plantar fascists and improves flexibility in joints; use anywhere at home, office, or take it along with you any where
  • 2 sizes provided for best fit to muscles being massaged; 7 and 9 cm; made from odorless eco-TPR which is used in yoga mats; you control the depth of massage by the pressure being applied to the soft, spiky malleable balls
  • You no longer need to pay a professional to relieve your pain at home, office, on vacations or at the gym; safe and natural: the massage balls work well to reduce tension and tightness of muscles

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Get the most out of Utopia’s top rated Spiky Massage Ball. Utilize your bodyweight to apply light or substantial weight contingent upon your requirements. The weight can be connected to a solitary point or moved over more extensive territories, making a point to maintain a strategic distance from the spine. At the point when done effectively, self-back rub with the spiky ball should feel easing to your muscles-not cause or increment torment. Your massage ball is produced using PVC, it contains no rubber.


Roll your spiky massage ball under your feet. It eases strain as well as taking a shot at the reflexology focuses on the underside of the foot can provide effects on the whole body. Utilizing this procedure under your table at work.


Put your spiky massage ball between the tight muscle you are working over and the wall. Utilize your bodyweight to apply an agreeable weight against the ball. By bowing your knees or moving side to side enable the ball to move over the tight muscle to assuage the pressure. This can be utilized on the whole back, simply make sure to keep away from the spine.


Hold your spiky massage ball in one hand, apply weight and move over arms, legs and hands.


Working one gluteal at once, put your spiky massage ball between the tight muscle and the floor. Balance out yourself with your hands and utilize your bodyweight to apply an agreeable weight while rolling the ball over tight muscles.


Package Includes:

  • One X 7cm ball
  • One X 9cm ball

UPC: 817706027329