Highly Durable Plastic Push-Up Bars - Angled ...

  • Durably molded plastic bars
  • Cushioned foam grips for a comfortable workout experience
  • Angled design for maximum workout results
  • Non-skid removable bases for easy portability
  • Best for chest, shoulders, and triceps; very easy to assemble

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Highly Durable Plastic Push-Up Bars

These are durably molded plastic push-up bars with an angled design so that you can workout with ease for maximum results. It has cushioned foam grips, offering a relaxed workout experience without being discomforted at any point and time.

Great Choice for Upper Body Development with Easy Portability

Its non-skid removable bases provide a safer workout experience and makes it highly convenient to carry to the gym or use at home due to easy portability. It’s a great choice for enhancing your upper body as it helps in improving muscle groups which are pectorals, chest, and triceps, or back of arms. It can easily be cleaned using warm soapy water and a soft cloth.

UPC: 817706027237