Resistance Band 5 Set for Home, Gym and Outdo...

  • Includes 5 hypoallergenic latex bands ; 2 high density foam handles ; 1 door anchor and 2 ankle strap and mesh carrier
  • Adjustable weight resistance for beginners and advance users with 5 bands ; Yellow: 5 lbs ; Blue: 10 lbs ; Green 15 lbs ; Black: 20 lbs ; Red: 25 lbs
  • Metal clipping on bands to connect ankle straps or soft-grip handles
  • Stabilize the body during exercise that allows you to change position in multiple ways
  • Pack easily for your convenience.

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We bring you hypoallergenic resistance band set that brings quality to everyday workout! With this set, your both the concentric and eccentric part of the exercise results in a better range of motion strength and a complete stimulation. Also, it allows to do large of motions as biceps, triceps, leg and chest exercises with stability and maintained resistance during the workout. They will fit in your luggage easily for exercise at home or gym.

Set of 5 bands with Adjustable weight

Hypoallergenic Latex

Metal clipping

Includes foam handle, door anchor, ankle straps and Bag

UPC: 817706023994