Premium Waist Trimmer Belt - Slim Body Sweat ...

  • The belt is designed to cover your entire mid-section and preserve the body?s heat
  • The belt supports your core which in turn stabilized your body. It results in better circulation and balance
  • It supports the lower back and prevents injuries during exercise and workouts. It also does the same for the abs muscles
  • It is made using the latest technology and is extremely light-weight. The inner material is non-slip in order to prevent the belt form slipping off its original position
  • Heat is retained which helps in relieving sore muscles and pain

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Your Right Workout Partner

The belt stays tight around your waist which allows for expelling of toxins and water weight. At the same time it retains the heat around the area which allows for relieving of lower back pain and sore muscles. It also helps in improving posture by supporting the lumbar and abdominal muscles. At the same time, it also improves the blood circulation.



The soft and lightweight material offers great comfort and support and also increase the temperature of your stomach/belly area so that you lose water weight, and that too, without any discomfort. The sticky Velcro is very strong and does not do any type of damage to your skin. The belt can be worn over or under your clothing with zero discomfort. It is best used while walking, running or jogging.

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