Air Tire Inflator - LED Flashlight Built-In -...

  • Cigarette lighter power cord measuring 3 meters
  • Max pressure of 150 PSI
  • High pressure rubber hose measuring 1 meter
  • Minimum flow of 50 Liters
  • Cylinder of 30mm

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For All Your Inflating Needs

Utopia's inflator can be used to inflate many objects including tires and different kinds of balls. It has a power of 150 PSI which makes it suitable for inflating varying items, like mattresses, tires or basketballs.

Goes Just About Anywhere

Utopia's inflator comes in a small and compact size meaning it is ideal for carrying out small tasks with ease and comfort. It can easily be stored in your car's trunk or in your garage without taking up much room. You won't even notice it that it's there.

UPC: 817706025219