Utopia Home Professional Microfiber Flat Mop ...

  • This microfiber wipes clean more altogether and more viably than cotton mops.
  • They're machine launder able, considerably more better than dispensable items.
  • Utilize the Microfiber Dust Mop to gather bigger trash like pet hair, soil and tidy.
  • Microfiber cleans more rapidly than other cleaning items

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This Utopia microfiber mop will clean all the dirt, germs, microorganisms, and grime off your floors.

A superior outline

The square state of the cleaning pad will permit you to reach all corners evenly without any issue. Try not to get out a material and curve down for the edges and corners! Utilize our mop! The overlap over/wrap-around configuration permits you to clean the distance to the edge of the pad. dust and dirt are dependably the most noticeably bad at the edge of a room. This mop will permit you to totally clean the floor. Lightweight solid handle and mop head permit you to effectively clean the dividers, roof, and floors. Get those troublesome spider webs while utilizing the clean wipe. The extendable handle permits you to change the length as required.

No compelling reason to get the buckets and sponges.

Care & Maintenance Instructions:

  • Wash the twist mop with water and dry it absolutely by shaking or punching them to oust any impurities inside
  • Keep it in an open place for it to dry out completely
Dimensions: 49 Inch into 16 Inch into 5 Inch.

UPC: 817706024212