Multi Bar Pant Hanger with PVC Coating - Swing Arms for Better Convenience - No Slip Multiple Pant Hanger - By Utopia Home

  • Take care of your pants and trousers with ease using this hanger; it can hold 4 pairs without the risk of creasing them
  • You can organize your pant and trousers by style or function; like work or informal getups which makes it easier and quicker to find specific ones
  • In order to conserve space you have to hang your pants and trousers vertically and this hanger helps you do exactly that allowing you to free up precious closet space for more clothing items
  • The hanger features swing arms which allows for easier hanging and removing of the pants and is made exactly for your convenience
  • The swing arms are coated using PVC which is done in order to allow for better grip of your pants when you hang them and also lowers the chance of creasing

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Multi Bar Pant Hanger with Sturdy Construction

Utopia's multi bar pant hanger is sturdily constructed using the finest of metal followed by a sleek PVC finish which allows for a tough grip so that your pants can stay on for longer without falling off.


Each multi bar pant hanger, allowing you to hang more clothes using a single hanger. You can conveniently hang skirts, slacks, pants and much more without worrying about the fabric being wrinkled or of creasing. The swing arms allow for easy hanging and removing of the pants from the hanger

UPC: 817706027732