Premium Quality Kiddie Inflatable Pool ? Rectangular Design ? PVC Material ? Tall Rectangular Walls with Soft Inflatable Floor ? with Hand Pump ? by Utopia Home

  • The premium quality kiddie inflatable pool is the one item you need in possession in order to beat the summer heat; it can easily accommodate 3-4 kids at a time as its big enough, measuring 130 x 90 x 48 cm
  • Constructed using highly durable PVC material to keep the pool in perfect shape for long to deliver the finest of experience over a stretched period of time
  • Its rectangular wall is tall enough to store a vast volume of water and ensures that your child stays protected inside without falling off; soft inflatable floor to offer great comfort while being used
  • Vibrant appearance further beautifies its exterior by creating an eye catching display for moms as well as kids on a hot summer day
  • This is a perfect pool for parents with children to beat the heat in a very fun-filled, exciting manner; hand pump supplied to assist you in air filling the pool

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Premium Quality Kiddie Inflatable Pool

Utopia’s premium quality kiddie inflatable pool is a must-have item for parents with kids around to break through the scorching heat of a summer day. It’s big enough to accommodate 3 to 4 kids at a time with ease so that they can have a blast till the sun goes down. Also, it’s very important to keep in mind that this pool is intended for kids who are 3 and above with strict parent supervision at all times when in use to prevent any kind of accidents.

Heavy-Duty Construction with Comfort Intact 

It’s constructed using highly durable PVC material, which helps in keeping the pool in perfect shape for long. As a result, the little swimmers can have a great time in the pool and make memories that are to cherish for a lifetime. To further strengthen the durability and performance aspect, the rectangular wall is tall enough to store a vast volume of water at a time and also ensures the protection of your child by keeping them safe inside the pool without making them fall off.

Vibrant in Appeal, Effective at Work

Its vibrant appearance plays a vital role in creating a beautifully crafted exterior that depicts an eye-catching display for mothers and children. Also, you don’t need to worry about your child’s health, as this activity is enough to keep them physically active and fresh in mind. An HB-102 hand pump is also supplied to ease up the air filling process. So have this pool around and beat the heat in an exciting, fun-filled manner.

Care Instruction

- Please keep away from pointed/sharp edges as it may damage the pool’s body

- Have the pool placed on an even surface

- Adult supervision is very important to prevent accidents

- Remove the air from the pool when not being used to keep it in perfect form for long

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