Bamboo Cutting Board Large High Quality Bambo...

  • Wood cutting board made with all natural, premium quality bamboo, which is an eco-friendly alternative to wood; the tray comes with a built in handle for easy carrying
  • Bamboo cutting board is safe to use and is durable; board is made with recyclable bamboo making it a must have accessory for your kitchen
  • High quality bamboo is resistant to antibacterials and antimicrobial; FDA approved
  • Bamboo cutting board is the perfect board for cutting vegetables, fruits, meats, chicken, and cheese
  • Treat your cutting board with oil, this creates a super strong natural wood seal.(walnut, coconut oil are most preferred. Frequently conditioning will protect your board's natural fiber and keep it in its original shape, when you feel your board dry, its time for some oiling.

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Utopia Kitchen Brings To You The Premium Quality Bamboo Wood Cutting Board With Easy Handling.

  • The bamboo wood cutting board is a must have tool for every kitchen as it is an ideal cooking board for slicing, chopping, dicing, and preparing food.
  • Made with high quality, recyclable bamboo wood, the board is a great alternative to maple wood cutting boards.
  • The bamboo wood cutting board is ingeniously made to take care of your knives and your food.
  • Bamboo cutting board is made with natural bamboo that acts as a repellant for germs.

Utopia Kitchen’s Bamboo Cutting Board is the perfect choice for preparing BBQ, chicken, fruits, vegetables, herbs, and spices of all types.

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