Bamboo Wood Pizza Peel, Paddle for Homemade P...

  • Bamboo wood is designed to not only look good in your kitchen, but also the razor edge ensures that the peeler cuts through bread with ease
  • Tapered edge with large paddle helps you to swoop up your pizza, breads, and other items out of your oven with ease
  • The handle is large enough to fit your hand while you handle you breads or pizza's
  • The bamboo peeler is sized with the right width to fit all your home pizzas; it is thick enough to not to warp; it is thin enough to slide easily under a pizza or a bread in the oven
  • Do not soak the peeler in water; wash it with mild soap and running water before drying it off with a soft cloth; use a good quality food oil to care for the peeler

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Utopia Kitchen Pizza Peel is the perfect peeler and paddler for your pizza. It is a timeless tool for every home chef, professional pizza chef, pizza parlors, and bread makers.

Made out of eco-friendly bamboo, the pizza peel is known for peeling off the pizza without leaving behind a mess on your pizza table. The peel has a finishing of a mineral oil, allowing for easy handling and cutting of the pizza. The finishing allows you to easily snatch pizzas from your ovens, cut them in neat slices and present them to your guests. The pizza peeler can also be used for breads and other baked items.

Pizza Peel Care:
Simply wash the pizza peel in warm water with mild soap.
Do not soak it. Rinse with clean water.
Once washed and dried, treat your pizza peeler with a food safe wood oil.
Please note that the pizza peel is not safe for dishwasher.

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