Superior Quality Nut Milk Bag - Reusable Almo...

  • Two bags in one pack of 12 by 12 inch each with super strong construction and pulp free performance makes it easier to squeeze for faster results and removes hassle of filtering almond milks or cold brew coffee twice
  • Perfect shape for pouring without spilling allows you squeeze away without having to worry about the mess
  • Finest quality nylon material makes the bag tear resistant to last long
  • Squeezable with both hands unlike the smaller bags makes it the best almond milk maker, vitamin blender juicer and cold brew coffee maker
  •  Eco-friendly nut milk bag has no dyes or chemical additives; Also there are no pulp residues left after washing

100% Customer Satisfaction: In case of any product glitch or discrepancy, you are covered by our full, no-questions-asked 30-days Money-Back Guarantee.

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Drape on your chef aprons and get ready to squeeze the life out of your juices and shakes through our Nut Milk Bag . We strives on the motivation to make your life easier through our all new Nut Milk Bag which is of a superior quality. Nut Milk Bag is the perfect strainer for juices, kefir, homemade almond milk, coconut milk, ghee, vegetable or fruit juices, all smooth, creamy and delicious - Use for cold brew coffee filter - iced tea maker - beer home brewing - cheese makers - A Fine Mesh Strainer For Vitamin Juicing Without A Juicer.

Become a perfect almond milk maker every time, no double straining ever!

Eco-Friendly With No Dyes or Chemical Additives of Any Kind & No Pulp Residue Left After Washing

The Bigger Better Nut Milk Bag is double the capacity of most & made to fit over pitcher mouths, medium bowls & large jars for easy pouring.

The perfect size mesh only lets the milk & nutrients through, ensuring smooth & delicious nut milk - NO GRAINY PULP - just thick, rich & nutritious milk

All food grade nylon materials made to last

UPC: 754207393280