Stainless-Steel Chainmail Scrubber for Cast-i...

  • Scrub your cast iron pans with the uniquely designed chainmail that allows for safe treatment of pans
  • Chainmail scrubber is made with high grade stainless steel that resists rust and tarnish for optimal longevity
  • Use the scrubber instead of the steel wool cleaner to preserve the tempering of your seasoned cast iron
  • 8 by 6 inches scrubber doesn't take up much space in a drawer. It is easy to hang on a hook near your sink for its next use with ease
  • Built to last as long as your cast iron products

100% Customer Satisfaction: In case of any product glitch or discrepancy, you are covered by our full, no-questions-asked 30-days Money-Back Guarantee.

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Utopia’s premium grade cast iron stainless steel chainmail scrubber is the perfect value for your money tool!

Cast Iron Stainless Steel Chainmail Scrubber is perfect for safely removing cooked-on residue from your cast iron pans or glassware. Used by chefs from around the world, the cast iron scrubber is the ideal choice for cast iron care. It cleans without removing the pre-seasoned coating of the pan. It can be safely used on other materials, such as glass casserole dishes, pie plates, and baking sheets. It doesn't take up much space in a drawer. You can hang it on a hook near to your sink for easy use.

If the Chainmail scrubber is dirty or greasy, it can be cleaned by adding just a bit of soap to the scrubber and rolling it around in your hands. Rinse in warm water and lay to dry for the next use.

Size: 8x6 inches

• Cleaning cast iron cookware with the CM Scrubber is safe, fast and easy.
• Preferred by chefs across the globe as a safer scrubbing alternative to abrasive steel wools.
• Stainless steel chainmail resists rust and tarnish for optimal longevity.

NOTE: To remove stuck-on food, scrub the pan with a paste of coarse kosher salt and water. Stubborn food residue may also be loosened by boiling water in the pan.

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